Improving the Fashion Supply Chain from Concept to Carrier Bag

The Industry Forum is a joint Government/industry initiative to deliver improved retail supply chains. The initiative is led by the British Clothing Industry Association and major retailers and manufacturers including Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser Plc, Next Plc, Tencel Ltd and Quantum Clothing Group Ltd.


Fashion Industry Forum

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Faster, More Cost Effective, Better

Through a complete supply chain development programme, Industry Forum delivers improvements for the companies involved in these key areas:


New product development and co-development


Aiming for world class performance


Covering physical logistics and

Inventory management processes

Supply Chain Management

The value of collaboration.



Implementing Fast Fashion

Critical Path Management

Process mapping  4 speed


Industry Forum Launches New Training Series

Training programmes

To discuss how we can assist your company or for further information about Industry Forum Services we invite you to contact us at:

Industry Forum Services

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