Improving the Fashion Supply Chain from 'Concept to Carrier Bag'


Mauritius Buyer-Sellers Meetings 25th & 26th May 2016 - "Event a great success" Ken Watson, MD, IFS.

Industry forum with Enterprise Mauritius brought 20 manufacturers to the UK for a Meet the Buyer Forum in london on the 25th & 26th May 2016.

There were over 200 meetings held between retailers and manufacturers.

In terms of customer satisfaction on a rating of 1-10, where 5 is excellent, the ratings for organisation, venue and overall value was 8.4, 8.6 and 8.2 respectively.

48 business opportunities were identified to be followed up between buyers and sellers.

Skills Workshop

Our next workshop series will take place in Summer 2016. email for further details.


Ken chaired a lively session on retailing and branding in China at the IAF Convention in Shanghai, China 23rd-25th September 2013. The conference followed the AGM of CCCT (the chinese organisation representing the interests of its 15,000 member apparel manufacturing companies) at which Ken introduced the opportunities represented by South Africa as an export market. 22 companies expressed an interest in pursuing this opportunity.



Industry Forum Services is a specialist management consultancy which concentrates on  the fashion and consumer products industries and the application of lean thinking to improving performance in terms of improved products, faster supply chains at lower cost. It managed the Industry Forum, a joint government and industry initiative to improve supply chain performance. Today the organisation works with international supply chains to improve performance from product concept to delivery to the consumer - from concept to carrier bag and implementing Quick Response and Fast Fashion.

The Industry Forum Services consulting practice is a leader in implementing best practice - principally to make the supply chain faster, better and cheaper through excellence of process using high performing teams. It also helps  in Global Sourcing and Franchising.

Our clients are international retailers, brands and manufacturers worlwide.

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Picking up Leaves

Changing behaviour to do things often and consistently results in a leaner way of working. This story illustrates the benefits: Leaving my house in London one day I saw the usual pile of leaves from the Magnolia tree on the front patio disturbing the neat lines of the architectural plants, the Indian limestone and the Italian olive trees. It reminded me that at the weekend I would need to find the brush, buy some more big black bags and put aside an hour to tidy it up. But what if every day I picked up a few leaves (more than were falling down each day) and put them in the small plastic bag of rubbish from the kitchen which I carried each day to the waste bin at the end of the road on the way to work each day. Would this work? So every day that week, I picked up leaves, putting them in the small trash bag and depositing them in the waste bin. At the end of the week the patio was devoid of leaves and I had spent about 12 minutes against what appeared to be an hour’s weekly job. From then on I have continued and the patio remains clean.If we adopted this philosophy at work, reduced batch processes, made lots of small decisions, often, what would happen? We would be faster and cheaper – resulting in….. yes you guessed, Fast Fashion.

Ken August 2013

Fast Fashion, Critical Paths & Effective Management of Fast Supply Chains


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