We have partnered with the following organisations to deliver projects internationally.

AMPD, Istanbul, Turkey

California State Univeristy Poytechnic, Apparel & Merchandising

Department, Ponoma, California

Canadian Apparel Federation

DTI & IDC South Africa

Enterprise Ireland

Fast React Systems Ltd, Derby

FINS New Zealand

International Apparel Federation

Lawson Software

Modint, Netherlands

Prime Source Forum Hong Kong

Procostura, Bogota, Colombia

Textile & Clothing Technology Corporation, Cary, North Carolina, USA

Third Eyesight, Delhi, India

TTF, Singapore

UKFT, London

Our Joint Venture partners in India are Third Eyesight which is a consulting firm focussed on the retail and consumer products sector. Third Eyesight works with retailers, brands and manufacturers, as well as service organisations and suppliers to the retail sector and the consumer goods supply chain.

We put together multifunctional teams of consultants that can work with clients through pure advisory / consulting engagements, operational support and interim management, or a mix of those methods. Third Eyesight's professionals have worked with clients from various countries including India, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy.

Improving the Fashion Supply Chain from Concept to Carrier Bag

The Industry Forum started as a four-year, £3.75m, joint Government/industry initiative to deliver a supply chain development programme. Funded through the DTI, the initiative was led by the British Clothing Industry Association and 12 industry collaborators and partners including major retailers and manufacturers including Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser Plc, Next Plc, Tencel Ltd and Quantum Clothing Group Ltd.


Fashion Industry Forum

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Industry Forum Services works wioth a number of partners around the world to deliver outstanding workshop programmes for the fashion industry.

There are opportunities for companies who provide services and products to improve supply chain performance to partner with the Industry Forum in industry events.


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